Procedurally generated noise is modulated by found sounds and vibration – transient things of the world.

3 Scenarios

  • eightprime uses found sounds from the immediate environment – either gathered in advance or taken from live microphones. The inputs are fed to the noiseBlossoms, which are projected onto a nearby screen or surface accompanied by the modulated sound. This option is best suited for deployment as an installation in a liminal space.

  • eightprime works in collaboration with other artists to generate sound for the noiseBlossoms. a singer can sing the shapes of the flowers, a musician sculpt the blooms. eightprime can contribute to this scenario with visuals and audio as desired.

  • eightprime performs a 60 minute live a/v set incorporating sounds gathered in the local environment mixed with electronically generated sounds, all feeding the noiseBlossoms.

A Few Examples

original a/v by eightprime
live dub of found stream on Radio Peru
visuals generated from a Venetian soundscape