Field Recording

Most of the most important things are things we rarely notice.

The continual living action of everything in the world around us holds an endless music.

THRUMS – live manipulation of the act of weaving on a 4 shaft counterbalance loom

Ash in the Time of Ash – live manipulation of a recording of the act of cleaning a domestic woodstove in preparation for the onset of winter

Field 3 – manipulated field recordings from Good Earth Farm

Kandy Traces – reimagined sounds of a busy intersection in Sri Lanka

Sonification Experiments

A scanline moves across the moving image and the pixel values drive banks of tuned oscillators. Signal values are used to drive brightness/contrast/saturation parameters on the video feed. Effect chains on the oscillator banks are likewise altered by the parameters of the sound, which feeds back into the video.

the excellent bathouse fight scene from the Sonny Chiba classic Return of the Street Fighter sonified to a Sarang Raga in F using Max/MSP/Jitter.
everything that’s not obviously a drum is a sonified video of a painting by Eben Bender. Sonification in Max/MSP/Jitter, drums, mixing etc. in Ableton
everything that is not a drum is video of a rag rug some of the drums are logs, some of them are seaweed