Cultivate 2019 – Show report, part 2

After the cookies were baked and the rants were ranted it was time to tear down and relocate to the projection site.

From 9 to midnight I manipulated field recordings taken from various locations around the island – including recordings of the Quinsam, a trip to the grocery store, and a trio of pileated woodpeckers foraging in my yard.

The audio was accompanied by video generated by a Jitter patch I wrote. The patch takes the audio and uses it to generate colour information and deform some simple geometry.


So this is a thing:

Actually two things.

I’ll be barbecueing cookies (probably vegan cookies) and processing the sounds of cookie production, accompanied by brief musical interludes and some little chats about love and rage and memetic contagion.

On Saturday evening we will gather in the shining place and chant the mantra of King Shark.